It may seem like just another day for you as you wake up, go to work or school, and come home to relax, but when you make a stop at the mailbox and notice that envelope in the mail you get hit by a feeling of dread. You recognize the envelope as one that is going to hold some type of traffic ticket inside it. You open it up to find that you have been citing for running a red light that has a camera and now are charged with a violation, issued a court appearance or must pay a heavy fine as a result.  Many people get the same letter in the mail each day in California, but what they may not realize is that with the help from us at Ticket Ninja CA, you can defeat a red light photo citation and have it disappear.

A Moneymaker for the City

Cameras posted on red lights are a phenomenon that is all over the United States today, particularly in large city areas. Cities and towns see these cameras as big money making opportunities as they can catch violators without the need of having a police officer on site, take pictures of the offender’s license plate and then simply mail out tickets. Many people from out of the area will just pay the fine instead of returning to fight the ticket, providing a huge cash windfall not just for the municipality but also for the private company that owns, installs and operates the cameras on behalf of the city or town.

You do Have Options

When you receive a red light citation, you do not have to resign yourself to paying the fine and dealing with the consequences. There are legitimate and effective defenses to fighting tickets of this type, and at Ticket Ninja CA we know just what to do for you. We are specialists in dealing with traffic violations and tickets in California, and our methods can quickly and easily have you beating these tickets so you do not have to worry about them.

Follow Our Method

To fight a red light photo citation effectively, all you need to do is visit our website at and follow our instructions. We can walk you through the process of what you can do, and we will provide you with a personalized defense package suited for the ticket you received so that you can follow the steps and get the dismissal you are seeking. You will be glad you took steps to dispute your ticket when you get your dismissal letter in the mail.