21655.5 b vc fine amount | 21655.5 b vc points

Carpool violation tickets can be successfully dismissed using the Ticket Ninja process.

21655.5 b vc fine amount | 21655.5 b vc points | Carpool lane | HOV Lane

Carpool lane violation

VC 21655.5 (b): A person shall not drive a vehicle described in subdivision (a) of Section 5205.5 with a single occupant upon a high-occupancy vehicle lane pursuant to this section unless the decal, label, or other identifier issued pursuant to Section 5205.5 is properly displayed on the vehicle, and the vehicle registration described in Section 5205.5 is with the vehicle.

Carpool lane citations issued for violation of 21655.5 b vc  is one of the most common traffic tickets in California.   Carpool lane and HOV lane violation tickets can be successfully contested and dismissed using a variety of defenses.  Ticket Ninja are experts when it comes to using the trial by declaration process to help you to beat your ticket and get it dismissed!

How much is 21655.5 b vc fine amount?

The fine amount is $490 for most courts and carries no DMV moving violation point.

CVC 21655.5 (b) Improper Use of Preferential Lanes $ 490.00 0

At Ticket Ninja CA, we are the experts when it comes to helping you to get your carpool lane violation citation dismissed.  We use a proven method of Trial by Written Declaration that gives you two chances to get your traffic ticket dismissed.  Our fee is a very reasonable $99, and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee if your carpool lane ticket is not dismissed!  Click here to get started today!

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How to fight HOV Lane and Driving Solo Carpool lane tickets in the areas below:

Ticket Ninja can help you to fight HOV, Driving Solo Carpool Lane violations in all of the areas below.  Our online process is simple and very straightforward, but with amazing results!  We have helped thousands of customers to beat their traffic ticket, using our easy-to-use system.

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