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Redflex Traffic Systems || City Codes

The most common City Codes for in California – Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc.

Redflex Traffic Systems operates the largest red light camera ticket program in California.  Their website is and below is the list of the most common City Codes which you need to access your ticket photos and video on their system.

If the ticket was re-issued, one of the letters will change to the next letter in the alphabet.  The numbers will stay the same.

BakersfieldBKF – Citation number starts with “P”

Citrus HeightsCSHTCA – Citation number starts with “C” and ends with “A”

City of CommerceCOMMRC – Citation number starts with “CA” (Metropolitan Courthouse, $490)

Culver City – CUL – Citation number starts with “C” (Santa Monica Courthouse, $490)

Daly CityDCTYCA – Citation number starts with “DC”

Del MarDLM – Citation number starts with “D” and ends with “A”

Elk GroveELKGCA – Citation number starts with 7 numbers and ends with “EG”

EncinitasENC – Citation number starts with “N” and ends with “A”.  There are only 5 numbers in between the letters.

FremontFRM – Citation number starts with “F” and ends with “A” (Fremont Hall of Justice, $489, could have increased to $495)

Garden GroveGGR – Citation number starts with “GG” and ends with “PE”

HawthorneHAW – Citation number ends with “HA” (Inglewood Courthouse, $490)

Los AlamitosLOSALM – Citation number starts with “LA” and ends with “PE”

LynwoodLYNWD – Citation number ends with “LN”

Menlo ParkMENLOPK – Citation number starts with “MP”

MontebelloMONTBL – Citation number starts with “MA”

NewarkNEWRK – Citation number starts with “N” and ends with “A”.  There are 6 numbers in between (Fremont Hall of Justice, $489).

Rancho CordovaRCPDCA – Citation number starts with “RA”

ReddingREDDNG – Citation number starts with “RF”

San LeandroSANLDO – Citation number starts with “L” and ends with “A”

San MateoSANMTO – Citation number starts with “SM”

SacramentoSCMTCA – Citation number starts with “SA” ( Carol Miller Justice Center, $496).

Solana BeachSOLBCH – Citation number starts with “S” and ends with “A”

VenturaVEN – Citation number starts with “AE” (Ventura County Superior Court, 800 S. Victoria Ave, $490)

Ticket Ninja CA can help you get your Redflex Traffic Systems | California red light tickets dismissed!

How to fight 21453 a red light tickets

Ticket Ninja has successfully assisted in dismissing thousands of red light camera tickets for our customers!

How to fight red light camera tickets issued by Redflex Traffic Systems |

If you received a red light camera ticket by Redflex Traffic Systems |, the following information may help you to get your ticket completely dismissed, without going to court.  Red light camera tickets can be very expensive, often costing $490 or more for just the fine amount.  If you add the impact this ticket can have on your driving record and insurance premium, it makes sense to find out how you can get this ticket dismissed.

Redflex’s record

Redflex was caught bribing local officials in Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago to get city contracts.

Former Redflex CEO Karen Finley was sentenced by a federal judge to serve 30 months in prison in the Illinois case and 14 months in the Ohio case. She’s also been ordered to pay $2 million in restitution.

Redflex bribed officials in Chicago, too. After an investigation, the city permanently banned Redflex from doing business there.

How to tell whether you have received a real ticket or not

This is a “snitch” ticket with the 4 photos arranged on the bottom of the page. You can safely ignore this notice. In the worst case scenario, you will just receive a real ticket, and you can take care of it at that time.

This is a real ticket with the 4 photos arranged on the right side of the page in a column. This ticket cannot be ignored. The login information is usually found on the back page, first paragraph.  Sometimes it is found on the front page, upper-right corner area within a red rectangle.

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Free Redflex Traffic Systems | Red Light Camera Ticket Review

Don’t just pay the $490+ fine and plead guilty!  

Did you know that many camera tickets can be successfully dismissed just based on the quality of the driver photo alone?  That is just one of the many types of defenses that are available for camera ticket violations.  With our assistance, thousands of our customers got their red light camera ticket dismissed!

No obligation and no charge!  Your information will be kept completely confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

First thing you should do is to find out whether your particular camera ticket has a good chance of being dismissed, if you decide to contest it. Knowing whether you have a good chance of winning will help you to make the right decision on whether to just pay the ticket or fight it.
Even if you recognize that it is you who were driving, the quality of the photo may still be bad enough that we can still get the ticket dismissed.
Automatic enforcement systems(red light camera tickets) are REQUIRED BY LAW to be able to produce a “clear” picture of the driver. If the driver photo is not “clear”, there is a solid legal basis to get the whole ticket dismissed just on the grounds that the driver photo is not clear enough.
One of the defenses that we have used successfully is the yellow light interval defense, where we will claim that the yellow light interval seemed to be unusually short. We will ask the red light camera operators to prove that the yellow light interval was set properly and that it was in proper working condition at the date and time of the citation.
If you think there was no “Photo Enforcement” warning sign that was posted near the intersection, you should go back to the intersection and check. Please keep in mind that sometimes the sign is posted way before the intersection, and sometimes right at the intersection. If there are any kind of obstruction of the sign(for example, tree branches), you should take some photos and forward it to us.
The best way is to have us review your ticket photos and video. We do not charge any fees for this service and there is no obligation to use our service. Once you submit the login information to us(use the convenient form above), we will get back to you within 24 hrs or sooner by email with a full assessment of the best way to fight your ticket. If we do not see a good defense that you could use, we will also let you know.
Just sign up under “Get Started” and within 4 business days, we will get your defense paperwork ready and send it to you by email. Once you receive the custom prepared paperwork form us, you just need to print it out, sign it, and mail out to the court. You do have to include the payment for the bail amount(equal to the fine amount) directly payable to the court at that time.
On the average, it can take about 2 to 3 months for the court to send you a letter of decision. If your ticket was dismissed, you will receive a full refund of the bail amount within 45 days from the date of the decision letter.
If you do not win on the trial by declaration step, you have two options:

Option 1: Just ask for traffic school and stop fighting the ticket.

Option 2: Send in the New trial request and go to step two. Step two is the New trial phase, and Ticket Ninja will support you throughout this process by getting you ready for trial by phone consultations and also by sending you material that will educate you on the key points of your defense. However, it is not part of Ticket Ninja’s service to represent you in court or go to court for you.

Our full refund policy:

Ticket Ninja CA will refund 100% of the $99 document preparation fee if your citation is not dismissed or reduced after using the defense we have provided for you in the trial by declaration defense package, in the (1)Trial by declaration and in the (2)New trial. If your citation is not dismissed or reduced after using the defense we have prepared for you at the New trial, just submit written proof(Minute Order from the court) that you have contested your citation at the New Trial(Trial De Novo) and your citation was not dismissed or reduced, within 30 calendar days from the date of the New trial and we will refund the $99 document preparation fee within 5 business days. If your fine was reduced, but by less than $99, Ticket Ninja will refund the difference to you. If your fine was reduced by $99 or more, there is no refund.

Rush fees are not refundable and considered fully earned regardless of whether your citation is dismissed or not.

If you do not use the Trial by Declaration paperwork that we have prepared for you, for whatever reason, you cannot ask for a refund of the $99 document preparation fee that you have paid to us. Our document preparation fee is fully earned when we take the time and effort to review your ticket information and prepare your Trial by Declaration defense package.

A “Snitch” ticket is what the police department sends out to the registered owner to find out the identity of the driver, and can be easily recognized by the placement of the 4 photos on the bottom of the page. You can completely ignore this notice and not respond in any way. The worst that can happen is that you may get a real ticket which you can then respond to at that time.

A real ticket always has the 4 photos on the right side of the page in a column. This ticket should not be ignored as the fine amount will double and go into collections if not dealt with in the correct way.


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How to fight 21453 a red light tickets

Ticket Ninja can help you to dismiss 21453 a red light tickets

Common defenses for fighting 21453(a), 21453(b), and 21453(c) red light tickets and Red Light Camera Tickets received in Bakersfield

How to fight 21453(a) or 21453(c) red light camera tickets: If you received a red light camera ticket,  or a red light ticket issued by an officer, it does not mean that you deserved it.  It can be tricky to successfully fight your 21453 a red light ticket, but in many circumstances the effort and time can be well worth it.  Below are information and strategies on how to fight 21453(a) and 21453(c) red light camera tickets, that are highly effective when used properly.

How to fight 21453 a red light tickets

Ticket Ninja can help you to successfully fight red light camera tickets using the yellow light interval defense

How to fight 21453 a, 21453 b, and 21453 c red light tickets and red light camera tickets by challenging the yellow light interval setting

The yellow light interval in all the intersections has to be set according to the speed limit in the vicinity of the intersection.  In certain cases, the yellow light interval are not set properly or set too short, and can trigger an increased number of 21453 a and 21453 c red light camera tickets being issued.  These tickets can be successfully challenged in court, but by using the trial by declaration process, you can provide a more complete defense for your ticket without going to court.  This is why a Trial by Declaration should always be the first step to fighting your California 21453 a vc  red light traffic camera ticket and also for red light tickets issued by an officer.