• Diana M.
  • Daly City, CA
Five stars
Thank you so much Ticket Ninja team for defending me.  I had been photographed making  a left turn through an (almost still yellow) red light.  I thought I had no defense but I found Ticket Ninja through the internet and contacted them anyway.  My defense packet was wonderfully written.  Within 30 days my case was dismissed and two months later – yesterday – I received a check for $500 from San Mateo Superior Court – Traffic division – the entire amount of bail I had paid.  Not only did I get my bail back, I will not have a point on my DMV record.  You guys are geniuses.  Thanks again.
  • Kenny N.
  • Fountain Valley, CA
Five stars
Thank you John for helping my wife to fight for her ticket. It’s a big win for us. I would never thought the red light photo ticket would be dismissed but you did it. You were patient with us in the beginning of the process, and spending the time to return our phone calls promptly. We definitely got our money’s worth going to Ninja Ticket. Thanks again for all your help!
  • SB R.
  • Union City, CA
Five stars
Got a Red Light camera ticket (Automall and Fremont Blvd.) for turning right on red back in Feb.:-(  Didnt think I had too much of a chance but decided I wanted to give it a shot anyways. I postponed the deadline to pay/ appear by 30 days to June 1st.  I wanted to research and see if I could fight it myself or find somebody who could.  The legal jargon was a little too much to process for me so decided to find somebody who could fight for me.  Spent hours on end on yelp and other sites, reading reviews….etc.  My deadline of June 1st was fast approaching and had no success in finding somebody reliable…( On Yelp, I read the published reviews as well as the reviews that are not published).  Just with 5 days left to the June 1st deadline,  I happened upon Ticket Ninja’s review on Yelp (he had 5 stars in both places) and looked up their website which looked promising. Decided to take a chance and called.  John answered right away and was extremely courteous.  He explained the entire process of Trial By Declaration (TBD).  Signed up right away through their website and as promised I got the TBD all written up and ready to be signed within 3 days.  John even called me to update that he had sent the paper work via email. He had step by step instructions as to what needed to be done. Followed it to the T and dropped it off at the court (I lived within driving distance to the assigned court) with the bail amount.

Got a letter back from the court on July 2nd…….Case DISMISSED!!!   Bail amount of $490.00 to be refunded…Yayyyy!!!
Thank You John and team for your help!!
I would highly recommend John and Ticket Ninja to anyone wanting to fight a traffic ticket.

  • Henry B.
  • Woodland Hills, CA

Five stars

Dear John, I just received the check back. It took some time but I got the full amount back, thanks to your service. I believe that, what did the trick was the paper work you prepared for me where it say: in addiction, Since the officer is acting as the prosecutor, he should provide proof that a valid traffic survey exists that support the speed limit of 35 mph for that stretch of the road. Without a proper and timely traffic survey, use of any speed measuring device becomes an illegal speed trap according to California Vehicle Code. Thank you very much.

  • Ms. V R.
  • San Leandro, CA

Five stars

Thank you Ticket Ninja!  Your professional service cut that ticket right out.  I contacted Ticket Ninja for a ticket I received, they asked me some questions, they filled out the necessary paperwork, I sent the paperwork and the fine amount to the Court.  I received a Dismissal from the court about 30 or so days later, stating I would received a refund of my bail/fine amount.  I received the refund about two weeks after the letter of Dismissal.  Thanks again Ticket Ninja!

  • Olga H.
  • Palmdale, CA

Five stars

I recommend Ticket Ninja as an accurate business to trust. John is a very friendly and helpful person, he is very fast to work, answer the phone anytime and immediately, his written explanations to describe a case is “excellent”.
Thank you very much.

  • Michael K.
  • La Cañada Flintridge, CA

Five stars

I found out about this site through a friend who used it and had great results so I decided to give it a try when I got a ticket…..especially when it money back guarantee.  It was very easy and they won my ticket case. Best money I ever spend considering the fact that it could have cost me tons when you factor in the time, ticket cost, traffic school, increase in insurance, and points…..thx ticket ninja

  • Sarai P.
  • Chatsworth, CA

Five stars

I got a Red light camera ticket and My ticket was dismissed,
Thank a lot for all your help. I told all my friend that if they ever get one
to contact you. Thanks again.

  • Forest P.
  • Redwood City, CA

Five stars

What can I say?  It worked.  They gave me what I needed to get my (bogus in my opinion) ticked dismissed administratively.  Worked with me to get the facts and supporting evidence in order.  ANd then I just sat back waiting (and waiting and waiting) until the court finally got around to it.

Definitely a good service to use. I recommend them.

  • Bhagwan C.
  • Los Angeles, CA

Five stars

I was helped by Jong Lee (John). Super helpful, prompt. Returns emails, calls right away. Guided me through the process patiently and comprehensively. It took a long time but I got my traffic ticket dismissed.

  • Robert J.
  • Orange, CA

Five stars

At least there is something to use against the fictional contracts we are given at times by cops.
Its unfair the routine of things given out by them when they can be just off, and are fund raising for the local courts .  As quick ever they will say the matter is closed.  Don’t do it, follow all the steps and get the matter closed when u have attempted all avenues.

I recommend that you try this, save the details of the moment.  As the cop writes everything before u so do it too.  Save the details so u can figure it out and save your money to use on the local business in your area not the court.

Those Garmin driving cameras look better every month, I’m asking Santa for one .w/ mic

Upper tier refund part of  ticketninja is a rare find .!!!

  • Jessica L.
  • Los Angeles, CA

Five stars

I don’t believe there’s a better way to show my gratitude than to share what ninja has done for me.  I don’t write reviews often, but I’m so thankful for your help! A couple months ago I was running late and the freeway was pretty clear of traffic. I was going about 80.  I ended up gettin pulled over and cited for going 82.  There were a couple cars that were speeding past me right before I was pulled over.  I was livid.  The other cars were clearly going at least 85.  I was referred to ninja by a friend of a friend & I’m happy they introduced me to this invaluable business.  I’m in the middle of some financial stresses so the timing was perfect and I could not be more thankful for the informative & hard working team at ninja.  The entire amount was dismissed and I got the fine amount from court within a month! Pleasantly surprised and beyond thankful. They’re the best!!

  • Julie K.
  • Glendale, CA

Five stars

Best secret!!!  Saved my life many times.  I have cops always hiding around the corner giving out tickets near my house.  I got pulled over twice already this year and used Ticket Ninja to get me out of it.  Definitely worth trying out before paying.  Was skeptical at first because it sounded to good to be true.

  • Luci A.
  • Los Angeles, CA

Five stars

I would recommend John and the Ticket Ninja  to anyone looking to to fight a ticket. Thank you to the team for helping me fight and get my ticket dismissed! Thank you also for taking the time out to explain the process and walk me through everything and make ensure that I understood it all.  I received a letter dismissing my ticket and it said I would receive a full refund. No ticket, no traffic school!  I like that if it didn’t go right John and the Ticket Ninja team would give you your money back so it can be used towards your ticket and discuss further steps to help!

  • Peter P.
  • Murrieta, CA

Five stars

I got a red light traffic ticket that was $490 and heard from a friend about ticket ninja . They helped me fight the ticket ( which was an easy process )and get my money back. I couldn’t believe how easy it was and didn’t think I had a chance to win, but they were great through the whole simple process. Thanks Ticket Ninja!

  • Sheila L.
  • Hidden Hills, CA

Five stars

I absolutely love Ticket Ninja!!!  Got 2 of my tickets dismissed by John and the Ticket Ninja team.  I had a red light camera ticket, and a what the cop called, “walking the intersection” ticket.  On the red light camera ticket, they clearly had my photos, and I didn’t think I had a great chance of winning. However, Ticket Ninja did their magic and wrote me a great defense, and my ticket was dismissed. That camera ticket was almost $500, but I got my bail amount refunded about three weeks after I received the notice that my ticket had been dismissed.  I received my second ticket by being stuck in an intersection, and moving to the next lane to get out of the way of on coming traffic.  I was really upset at receiving this ticket.  I felt it was unfairly given, and decided to contact Ticket Ninja again.  Once again, they came through for me.  Another stellar written declaration defense, and another ticket dismissed. I can’t imagine ever paying for a ticket again! Ticket Ninja seems almost too good to be true, but they’re the real deal.  If you get a ticket, you should get them to help you get it dismissed.  Once again, thank you Ticket Ninja team.   🙂

  • Traci K.
  • Garden Grove, CA

Five stars

My ticket was dismissed.
Red light photo ticket in OC.
I honestly didn’t think I had much of a chance in hell. Especially with the video showing I was clearly the driver, day was clear as ever, proper signage was posted and the light timing appeared to be in sync.
But it was.
Can’t thank you enough.

  • Madara S.
  • Chicago, IL

Five stars

This service resolved an unjustly given ticket by cops who belonged in the movies.

Giving tickets over green lights is sheer madness. Let no cop try this, use this service for victory!

  • Scott T.
  • Placentia, CA

Five stars

Thanks John and Thanks ticket Ninja team to help me to fight for my ticket!! I finally received a letter from court says my case will be dismissed and will have my bail amount refund!! As ticket ninja professional knowledge just a easy and sample step follow what John tells you, you will be easy to win your case, even though if your case didn’t dismiss ticket ninja willing to refund your money, not like others charge your services fee didn’t matter if you win your case or NO!! They won’t refund your money!!

Trust ticket Ninja and John, they will help you to fight for your ticket!!!!

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