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With Ticket Ninja CA, there are never any hidden fees or hidden “document processing fees”. When we say a flat fee $99, that is exactly what we mean.

We also do not charge extra for additional violations on the same ticket. Other companies charge $55 or higher for each additional item on the same ticket.

First of all, we are very good at what we do, and our fees are completely transparent.  When we say $99, that is exactly what we mean.

We do not charge extra for additional violations on your ticket, and personalized service is our goal.

Our service is also backed by our 100% money back guarantee, if your ticket is not dismissed after following our two step process.

You can contact us by phone from 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week, to speak to our friendly Ninjas.

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A Trial By Declaration(TBD) allows you to fight your traffic ticket without going to court.

As a substitute for appearing in person, the law allows you to submit a signed declaration to the court. Once the court receives your TBD, the court will notify the citing officer to submit his/her declaration regarding the situation that led to the citation, and any evidence he/she may have against you.

This is a lot of paperwork for the officer for which he/she does not receive extra pay to perform.  If the citing officer does not submit the court requested declaration within the time period allotted by the court, the court is required by law to dismiss your case.

This is equivalent to the officer not showing up in a court trial, in which case your case has to be automatically dismissed.

Please click here for a more detailed explanation on the Trial by declaration process.

Even if you lose the TBD, you may still request traffic school, and the courts will usually allow you take traffic school.

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Once you have completed the sign-up questionnaire  and payment, a confirmation email will be sent you.

We will finish the work and deliver it to you by email in 4 business days, or sooner if you opted for the 1-day or 2-day rush delivery.
You should mail out the prepared Trial by Written declaration form, any attachments(if there are any), portion of the court letter(if applicable), and your check for the bail amount by certified mail.

A detailed mailing instructions will be included in our email.

No. For trial by declaration, the declaration that we will prepare for you can be mailed-in to the court.

There is no need for you to appear in court for the Trial by declaration step.

The court appearance date that was assigned to you, will no longer be relevant once you have submitted your trial by declaration form and bail amount to the court.

For the New Trial(if you did not win on the TBD), you do have to appear in person if you want to continue to contest your ticket.

The court will not accept your trial by declaration if you do not post the bail amount.

Once your case is dismissed, the court will send a refund check for the full bail amount directly to you.

Once the court receives your Trial by Written Declaration and the bail amount, it will take the court about 2 months to send you a decision letter.

This can be shorter or longer than 2 months depending on how busy that particular court is, and how badly they are backed up.

Once you receive a “Not Guilty” decision letter on your trial by declaration, you should receive your refund check for the full bail amount in  approximately 60 days.
If you are found guilty, and you are not satisfied with that decision, you should immediately file the Trial De Novo form(form TR-220) that was included in your defense package.

This has to be done within 20 days from the date the court’s decision was mailed to you. The court will then assign a New Trial date for you.

You should use certified mail, return receipt requested, and make sure the court will receive the package no later than 5 business days prior to the due date.

If you are tight on time, you should submit it to the traffic court clerk in person.

You should contact the court and ask for an extension on the due date. Oftentimes, extensions will be granted, especially if you have a good reason for missing the due date.
1. Fix the Issue: For example, if you were cited for no proof of insurance, get a copy of your insurance card and take it to the courthouse. If you were cited for illegal window tinting, get the issue corrected, and then have the ticket signed off by an officer before you take it to court.

2. Show Proof/Pay Fee: You can take your proof of correction to the courthouse and pay the court’s fee for correction, or you can just mail in your proof of correction with your written defense package, and include a separate check or money order for $25.

Ticket Ninja CA only offers services for traffic tickets issued within the state of California. If you received your ticket while visiting California(we helped a lot of Nevada residents!) we can definitely help you.
Any points received will stay on your driving record for three years. If you receive 4 points within 12 months, 6 points within 24 months, or 8 points within 36 months, your driver license will be suspended. In addition, insurance rates may increase due to the point(s).
Here is our full refund policy:

Ticket Ninja CA will refund 100% of the $99 service fee if your ticket is not dismissed or reduced after following our 2 step process. We do not charge a separate document processing fee. The first step is the Trial by Declaration, and second step is the New Trial if your citation was not dismissed on the first step. For a 100% refund of the $99 service fee, just submit written proof(Minute Order from the court) that you have contested your citation at the New Trial(Trial De Novo) and your citation was not dismissed or reduced within 30 calendar days from the date of the in-court decision and we will refund all $99 of the standard delivery fee to you within 5 business days. If your fine was reduced, but by less than $99, Ticket Ninja will refund the difference to you. If your fine was reduced by $99 or more, there is no refund.

At Ticket Ninja CA, we give you 30 calendar days to send us proof that your case was not dismissed at the new trial. We want to make sure that you have ample time to make a request for a full refund.

Rush fees are not refundable and considered fully earned regardless of whether your citation is dismissed or not.

If you do not use the Trial by Declaration paperwork that we have prepared for you, for whatever reason, you cannot ask for a refund of the service fee that you have paid to us. Our service fee is fully earned when we take the time and effort to review your ticket information and prepare your Trial by Declaration paperwork.

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