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Which areas do you service?

We can help with all infraction tickets received in California.

Can you help with old or past due tickets?


Why is Trial By Declaration(TBD) the BEST way to fight any Traffic Ticket?

TBD is done by sending in a written defense to the court.  The court will notify the officer who issued the ticket, and request that the officer submit a written declaration to the court.  The officers do not get paid any extra amount to prepare the paperwork.  If the officer do not submit the written declaration to the court by the allotted time, the court will automatically dismiss the case.  If the officer submits on time, the judge will make a determination just like in a regular court trial.

Why is TBD better than just doing a regular court trial?

To show up in a regular court trial, the officers get paid for the full day.  The chance of the officer not responding to a TBD is higher than the chance of the officer showing up in a regular court trial.  Also, with TBD, you get two chances to win, since you can always request a regular court trial, if you lose the TBD.

Can I still do Traffic School if I lose the TBD?


What do I have to do to use the TBD process?

Once you sign up for our service, we will prepare your TBD paperwork within 4 business days, or sooner, if you opt for the 1-day or 2-day Rush Service.  We will send the finished paperwork to you by email, and all you have to do is to print it out, sign, and submit to the court, along with your bail payment.

How can I maximize my chance of winning?

Best way is to do the TBD, and if you do not win, do the New Trial.  New Trial is a regular court traffic court trial.  We do not go for you, but we will help you prepare without charging you any additional fees.

How does your money back guarantee work?

If you go through both the TBD, and the New Trial, and your ticket is still not dismissed, we refund all of the $99 service fee.  Please see our full Refund Policy here.

What is your success rate?

We typically win about 80% on the TBD step.  There is also good chance to win on the New Trial step.

Do I still need to show up on my “Appearance Date” if I submit my TBD to the court?

No.  Once you submit the TBD and the bail payment, you do not have to show up on that date.

Why do I have to pay the Bail amount?

Because it is required by California law, if you want to use the TBD process.  The bail amount is equal to the fine amount.

Do I have to wait for my Courtesy Notice letter from the court, before I can start this process?

You can sign up now, or wait until you receive the Courtesy Notice.

How long does it take for the court to decide on the TBD?

It usually takes 2 to 3 months.  

If I have a red light camera ticket, what should be my first step?

Please submit for the Free Camera Ticket Review here.

Advantages of Trial by Declaration(TBD)

  • You do not have to go to court.

  • Officers do not receive extra pay to do the extra paperwork required for Trial by Declaration, and when they do not submit the declaration on time, the court automatically dismisses your case.

  • It is easier to fully present your defense compared to a court trial.

  • You have 2 chances to win(second chance to win is the Trial De Novo, or the New Trial which is a regular traffic court trial).

  • You may still be eligible for traffic school even if you lose the TBD and the New Trial.

More information on why Trial by Declaration is so effective.

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