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What are my chances?

At Ticket Ninja CA, our goal is to provide you with the best possible chance to get your California traffic ticket dismissed.  Remember, if your ticket is not dismissed and the fine amount was not reduced after going through both steps of our process, you are entitled to a full refund of the $99 service fee that you paid to us.  Click here for full details or our Refund Policy.

Step One:  Trial by Written Declaration(TBD)

According to our experience, a well written and convincing TBD’s consistently have approximately +80% chance of prevailing.  The court will refund all of your bail money if your ticket is dismissed and there will be nothing more that you need to do.

If you did not prevail with the TBD, you should send in the Trial De Novo form within 20 days of the mailing of the court decision to ask for a New Trial.  We will include the Trial De Novo form with your defense package just in case you need it.

Once the court receives your Trial De Novo request on time, they will send you a letter with your New Trial date and time.  You should send us an email and let us know once you have received the New Trial date.  Our fee of $99 includes helping you to prepare for the New Trial.  You do not have to pay us any additional fee for this service.

Step Two:  New Trial

At the New Trial, if the officer that gave you the ticket does not show up, your case will be dismissed automatically.  We constantly receive feedback from our customers and there should be approximately a 50% to 60% chance that the officer will not show up for various reasons.  For Automated Enforcement Citations(Red Light Camera Tickets), an officer representing the City will will usually show up in court.

We strongly feel that there is a higher rate of the officer not showing up for the New trial if you have done the trial by declaration.  The reason for this is that most people doing a court trial show up hoping that the officer does not show up, and when the officer shows up, they will usually just plead guilty and ask for traffic school.  So the officer will try to show up even if they don’t feel that they have a strong case.

For people who have already done the trial by declaration and has asked for a New trial, even if the officer shows up, they will usually go ahead with the trial and they usually come to court better prepared to contest their case.  In these cases, the officer will usually not show up unless they feel they have a strong case and has all or most of the documentation requested during the trial by declaration process.

You should decide beforehand whether you are going to contest your citation if the officer shows up.  If you decide to do so, make sure to let us know and we will help you to prepare for the event so that you will cover all of the key points based on the TBD that was previously submitted to court.

Ticket Ninja will stay with you all the way to the end.  We do not just leave you by yourself if you do not win on the Trial by Declaration step.  For no additional service charges, you can count on Ticket Ninja to support you throughout the New Trial phase.  Our service does NOT include appearing in the New Trial for you.  

Legal Disclaimer:  The above information is given for general educational purposes only and should not be relied upon to make any legal decisions.   Ticket Ninja CA are not Attorneys and we cannot give any legal advice, nor represent you in a court of law.