Red Light Camera Ticket

You have had a great day all around since the time you woke up this morning and you feel like nothing can bring you down. This happy feeling runs all the way through to the time that you start to open your mail and notice an official-looking envelope in with your other mail. As soon as you open the envelope, your good day just went bad as you realize it is a ticket for a red light violation. It is from one of those automated cameras that takes a photo of your car and your traffic violation, and now you are expected to pay a hefty fine for your infraction. Even though you feel dejected right now, you should know that with our help at Ticket Ninja CA you can deal with this red light camera ticket the right way and get it dismissed.

A Tricky Fight to Try Alone

You may feel a sense of determination right away when you open that envelope to plead not guilty and fight the ticket yourself. One thing you should know beforehand is that tickets issued by these automated systems can be difficult to fight and get dismissed if you are not familiar with what needs to get done. Courts routinely find people guilty of the infraction, citing the evidence that they have and leaving you paying the ticket, court fees and more so that your ticket ends up being quite expensive for you. We suggest that you let us help you in this venture so that you can get the best results possible for your case.

We Know What to Do

At Ticket Ninja CA, we know the best approaches to take in fighting a red light camera ticket. We have experts on staff that are familiar with the laws and the process itself and we know the defenses that will work best for you in your particular situation. Our methods make use of all of the aspects of the law allowable in cases of this nature to give you the best chance at a dismissal. We will create a customized plan just for your situation and our methods are proven to work and work so well that we offer a 100% guarantee of a dismissal or we will refund your fee.

Get Started on Your Defense

You can take the steps you need to take to fight a red light camera ticket successfully by going to our website at Ticket Ninja Ca at You will find all of the information you need to know to help you get started on the process so you can let us work for you and eliminate that ticket you received.