How to fight traffic tickets successfully during Covid-19

  • The general procedure for fighting traffic tickets is similar, but there may be some differences and advantages during Covid-19!
  • Some courts are waiving the bail requirement to do Trial by Declaration for traffic tickets, due to Covid-19 special rules.
  • Getting an extension on your traffic ticket due date may be easier.
  • Some courts are offering a virtual trial option by video or phone for the New trial step.
  • Reduction in the fine amount for traffic tickets may be more common during Covid-19.
  • The officer response rate may be lower during Covid-19, and therefor result in higher chance of winning on your traffic ticket

Covid-19 Special Announcement

Due to Covid-19, Los Angeles County Superior Courts are temporarily allowing the submission of Trial by Declarations without requiring the payment of the bail amount.  Here is a list of courts within the Los Angeles County Superior Court system.  Please note that if you end up losing the case, you still have to pay the fine amount to the court.

Alameda County Superior Court(Fremont, Oakland, Dublin) has also temporarily waived the bail requirement.

San Mateo County Superior Court has also temporarily waived the bail requirement.

How to fight traffic tickets successfully during Covid-19

How to fight traffic tickets successfully during Covid-19

2 chances to win 2

You have 2 chances to win with TBD

Advantages of Trial by Declaration(TBD)

  • You do not have to go to court.
  • Officers do not receive extra pay to do the extra paperwork required for Trial by Declaration, and when they do not submit the declaration on time, the court automatically dismisses your case.
  • It is easier to fully present your defense compared to a court trial.
  • You have 2 chances to win(second chance to win is the Trial De Novo, or the New Trial which is a regular traffic court trial).
  • You may still be eligible for traffic school even if you lose the TBD and the New Trial.

More information on why Trial by Declaration is so effective.

Why should you fight your California traffic ticket?

  • There is no penalty for fighting your ticket (your fine amount is not going to increase just because you are trying to defend yourself against your ticket).
  • If you do not fight and just plea guilty, you still have to pay the full fine anyway, plus traffic school fees if you decide to take traffic school.
  • Our service fee of $99 comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
  • You are going to feel GREAT after beating your ticket!
  • You may still be able to do traffic school even after losing the Trial by declaration step.
How to fight California traffic tickets

Over the years, Ticket Ninja has helped thousands of motorists beat their California traffic ticket with our two step process. During Covid-19, trial by declaration is the best process.


100% money back guarantee

If your ticket is still not dismissed or reduced after contesting your case in the New Trial, we will refund the $99 back to you.

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